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Pozar (Aridea) Thermal Baths
The neighboring prefecture of Pella is just an hour drive from Goumenissa (76 km).

Lying at the foot of Mount Pella, a few kilometers from the border with FYRO Macedonia the site is built
on the banks of ta warm river that crosses the region. The spa, hot water with constant temperature of 37 ° C,
spring for thousands of years from the mountain, creating a stunning landscape of mountain and forest.

The spa baths or baths of Loutraki Pozar, spurting at an altitude of 360 -390 m.
Created by rain water that penetrates the soil and reaches great depths, where it is heated then rises
higher and is enriched with minerals and other ingredients.

The resort is organized with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, bars.
Today, ongoing projects that leverage the unique natural beauty and local attractions such as:

Points of interest are:

The outdoor heated waterfall (next to him with cold water)
The indoor pools, some contemporary and some older pebble at the bottom.
The gorge of the Baths and the surrounding mountain area, ideal for walking, hiking and excursions.
The cave park of the Baths.
Local products and textiles.

If you want to take a nice day trip to Pozar, we can arrange your bath time and we can also reserve a table
for you at the best local restaurants.



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